Photography Workshop in Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage children learn about wildlife photography with Mr Mark Lanzuela…

Foundation Stage children participated in a photography workshop with a special visitor last week as part of their technology learning. Mr Mark Lanzuela, the Alumni and Social Media Coordinator, stopped by the FS classroom to tell the children all about being a photographer. He shared his terrific wildlife photographs taken around Thailand, including stunning photographs of hornbills in the jungle. With their curiosity sparked, the FS children asked lots of questions about cameras. Mr Mark compared the iPhone camera lens with his own wide-angle lens and challenged the children to consider why photographs are important.

After their discussion, Mr Mark led the children in an outdoor workshop around the beautiful Foundation Stage garden. He encouraged the children to seek out exciting and interesting moments in nature, supporting them as they practiced taking photos on iPads and class cameras. The children learned to stay quiet whilst taking their photos to ensure that the creatures wouldn’t scurry away before the photo was snapped! This wonderful learning opportunity was very fun and engaging for the FS children and Mr Mark enjoyed it too!