Year 7 Practices First Aid

Year 7 learns First Aid in practical Tutorial session…

As part of the Year 7 Tutorials, students practiced their first aid skills. The sessions were led by Ms Cindy Adair and Mr Craig Anderton, who taught Year 7 students how to put someone in the recovery position. Students played both roles, with an opportunity to switch roles in order to learn about these practices from all perspectives, and to ensure that all students had a hands-on opportunity to practice. The students also learned how to apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, working with plastic dummies, in case of a real-life emergency.

Half of Year 7 focused first on learning practical First Aid skills, whilst the other half focused on First Aid theory, including all of the local emergency numbers in Thailand. These two groups then swapped so that all of them were able to participate in the complete First Aid lesson. Year 7 students really enjoyed their practical learning, and were eager to know when their next session would take place!