CAS Project Tackles Glass Waste

CAS Project Tackles Glass Waste

Students tackle global waste issues in their CAS project that works repurpose old glass items.

The entire Community Action Service (CAS) project started with a group of friends passionate about working with real businesses that are actively involved in tackling global issues. We thought the most prevalent problem in this part of the world was improving the quality of waste mitigation for various single-use items. We found a non-profit social enterprise, Rescued Glass, that works to reduce the impact of glass bottles by upcycling them to create high quality home decor. They aim to create something beautiful that would impact the local community at a much larger scale than a personal project. They do this by creating a movement of circular disposal of obsolete glass products by minimising the volume that is sent to landfills.

It is astonishing to learn that glass bottles have a larger carbon footprint to manufacture than plastic bottles of the same mass. Furthermore, with glass being easily and almost infinitely re­cyclable, it is only logical to participate in this movement. We directly witnessed, and learned, how it is possible to creatively re-engineer glass bottles and repurpose them into unique and stylish household decor such as candles, vases and glasses.  Divyansh Jain and and Abhishek Pawa, Year 13 students 

Learn more about the Rescued Glass project in the Term magazine here.

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