Chocolate Curriculum Continues

Can you guess how chocolate relates to Science and Art?

Continuing with their learning unit focused on Chocolate, Year 4 students have utilised this theme to further inform their Science and Arts lessons. In Science, Year 4 students look at teeth and digestion – using convex mirrors, they opened wide to exam their own teeth, identifying canines, molars and incisors. Following a thorough count of their own teeth, students then compared how many teeth they had with their classmates using a tally chart to record their findings. Relating this to the Chocolate theme, students learn how certain foods can affect the amount of plaque buildup on their teeth.

In Arts lessons, Year 4 students carefully designed and created Aztec shields to further their understanding of other cultures from various periods in history. Their shields were inscribed with images and depictions from nature in a traditional style, similar to how the Aztecs had done in the past. Students first sketched the design for their shields, then fashioned them out of clay and used ceramics tools to create their designs through reliefs and impressions. Learning about the history of Chocolate, Year 4 students develop an understanding of how things that we may often take for granted can have an impact on the planet and its inhabitants.