Christmas Celebration Preparations

Christmas Celebration Preparations

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…

Student musicians reflect on their experiences as part of the Big Band, Orchestra, Choir and Jazz Ensemble, both before and after the Christmas Celebration:

“As a new member of the Patana Big Band, we have been preparing for the Christmas Concert since my first day. We play a total of three songs, two of which are medleys of popular Christmas songs (“A Big Band Christmas” and “A Big Band Christmas II”) played in jazz style, as well as a slow jazz style song called “Christmas Time Is Here”. I’ve been feeling some mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness while preparing to play the music, however when I play in our recital practices I feel like I’m in my element and I feel calm and prepared.”

Mallika (Molly) Moo-Ming – Big Band

“I joined the Patana Orchestra last year and it is my first time participating in a Christmas Concert.
We play two pieces called “All Is Calm” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, we also accompany the carols and play the final piece with the Primary Choir and the Senior Choir. We all are full of different emotions for getting ready for this concert that happens once a year. Still, we feel like we are all connected together because we play in the orchestra.”

Miyu Suda – Orchestra

“This is my first Christmas Concert as a Year 9 student; I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful experience. My passion for music and singing has grown so much during the time I’ve been in Senior Choir, thanks to all the friends I’ve made there. Music is something that brings us together, something that creates a community of people who are just like each other and who share the same passion. We have not had a Christmas Concert in a few years, so we are really happy to share what we’ve been working on.”

Arissara (Sara) Hutchinson – Senior Choir

“I strongly believe music has the unique power to convey emotions that no other art form can replace. When I was younger, I have always loved the Christmas joy and spirit all Bangkok Patana musicians display at the Christmas Concert, and dreamed of one day being in their place. Now as a Patana musician myself, I feel thrilled to show the hard work that the Jazz Ensemble has put into each piece and inspire young, aspiring musicians as well. We will be playing “This Christmas”, “Jingle Bells”, “Sleigh Ride”, “Let It Snow”, and “Someday at Christmas”, all with a soulful and jazzy twist! Since most members of the Jazz Ensemble joined during the COVID pandemic, we have yet to perform in front of a big crowd in a Bangkok Patana Concert fashion, so we are all incredibly excited to restart this tradition. I hope that the Jazz Ensemble will be able to convey the joy that Christmas brings so that the Bangkok Patana community can come together and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!”

Pittayut (Fame) Pisuttisarun – Jazz Ensemble

“The previous Christmas concerts at Bangkok Patana were always such a special day for me as I could show the dedication and hard work that took place in producing the final quality of the songs. Being on stage and listening to how all the different orchestra instruments harmonise and work together is always a new feeling, which is why I have continued to play my instrument. Due to COVID, we weren’t able to perform for a few years, but our practices continued; as a young group of musicians, I think it was good opportunity to explore our abilities and limitations and find a clear goal as individuals. As a senior student, I am so glad I was able to work with the orchestra in the concert once again. Despite the nervousness that hit, it was very nostalgic.”

Jeongmin Lee – Orchestra

“Being in a band has always been very special to me, you get a sense of being alive and being a part of something bigger than could ever be achieved on your own. And to do this with three bands in one night was like a dream come true. I’ve enjoyed singing and playing with my fellow band members and I hope I can do the same next year… and the next! To my fellow musicians in hiding, I encourage you to join a band, because even though we put in hundreds, even thousands of hours into our instruments and our team, the sense of achievement you get at the end of it all is worth it.”

Dan Baker – Big Band

“As a member of the Big Band and Jazz Band, I reflect on the question that all musicians are now asking when the topic of a concert comes up – will we have a proper one? For years, the Jazz Band and Big Band have yearned for a fully-fledged Christmas concert where parents, teachers and students can express themselves freely without any boundaries. Finally, after years of waiting, we experienced a proper Christmas concert and it was nothing short of amazing. As the lead guitarist, I had the opportunity to entertain the audience with chords and solos. As the MC of the concert, I had the opportunity to experience the joy the audience exhibited. This concert was just what the Jazz Band and Big Band needed so that they could display their hard practice to the fullest. I hope we have a similar concert next year, so that we can maintain the powerful Bangkok Patana Christmas spirit!”

Ken (Kenny) Patanotai – Jazz Ensemble

“The Christmas concert has always been a favourite of mine as it allows students to express their passion for music and show their love for Christmas though their instrument, whether it’s their voice or a trumpet. The concert this year was wonderful with a lovey display of all kinds of music and thanks to our amazing conductors, we put on one of the best ones in years, especially after the pandemic. I can’t wait for next year’s concert!”

Niamh Smith – Senior Choir
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