Climbing His Way to Tokyo Olympics 2020

Climbing His Way to Tokyo Olympics 2020

Alexander Kiechle-Cornish | Left in 2013 | Graduating Class of 2017

Life After Patana Stories

One of my favourite memories of my time at Bangkok Patana School has to be the Smoothie Bar! I also really enjoyed the swim team and how it built such strong team cohesion between us all.

Being in an international school, the exposure to other students from all over the world and teachers from all different backgrounds really helped shape who I am today. The ability to ‘gel’ and communicate with people from all different backgrounds has been incredibly useful for me and something I truly treasure having learned at Bangkok Patana school. 

After Bangkok Patana I moved to Phuket for nine months and then to New Zealand. During my time at Bangkok Patana I was a swimmer, training under Coach Cindy in the National Squad. I truly loved swimming, but after breaking my wrist two weeks out from my biggest competition in Phuket, I struggled to regain the motivation when I moved to New Zealand. Looking for a way to strengthen my wrist, I signed up to the school rock climbing club. I made some really great friends and became obsessed with the clear and objective nature of climbing. It’s also incredibly meditative, it’s just you and the rock and is a brilliant stress reliever. I now love competing and being a part of climbing as it really begins to accelerate as a sport (Tokyo 2020), but I also love rock climbing outdoors, as it takes you to some of the most remote and beautiful places on the planet.

Ten years from now I hope to be working in a job where I am making a real, positive difference. I’m excited to learn more at the Superfund around responsible investment and help channel capital into projects with social and environmental positive externalities. I’d also love to take my climbing to a new level – 9a/9a+? I also really enjoy coaching younger climbers and helping them grow as athletes, so will continue to coach the youth at the local bouldering gym I work at – Northern Rocks. 

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