What Lies in the Cave in Year 3?

What Lies in the Cave in Year 3?

Year 3 students explore their shared space.

Two weeks ago, something mysterious happened in Year 3. The shared area was closed off but what was behind the danger sign?

The children were very excited. Through their Literacy lessons they began to delve into their imaginations. The children became explorers, scientists and geologists and together went on an adventure; through dangerous winds, thick, dense jungle, climbing mountains avoiding red-hot lava until they reached the cave. Once inside, they met the mysterious Rivers who spoke of a creature named Bertha of whom they must be careful as she can be dangerous. Rivers encouraged the young explorers to look around the cave and note down what they saw: Phoenix feathers, mermaids’ tears, huge eggs and much more.

When back in the safety of the classroom, the children then used this adventure as a stimulus for writing a journal entry. A few days later, the children went back to the cave and found a distraught Rivers. Bertha had returned and destroyed all her research! Would the children be able to help? Watch this space!

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