Congratulations on your University Offer!

Congratulations on your University Offer!

Congratulations to Nadon on his university offer

Nutthadon (Nadon) Tantiponganant

Congratulations to Nadon on his unconditional acceptance to a joint six year Medical programme between the University of Nottingham and Srinakharinwirot University (SWU). Nadon will be enrolling in a dual degree programme to earn his Bachelor’s of Medical Science at the University of Nottingham followed by a further three years at SWU to earn a Doctor of Medicine. Nadon has been a member of the Bangkok Patana family since 2006.

“Choosing to study medicine wasn’t a one-night decision but it was an accumulation of many parts of my life. The first time was when I was a child and I had these very bad allergies to the point where I was even allergic to grass! So, whenever I went to my doctor, she would always treat me and I would always feel much better and from this happiness, it inspired and motivated me to study medicine as I wanted to spread this type of happiness to others as well.

Another time was during my volunteer work as an English instructor in Nan province at Banarab Primary School. While I was playing basketball with the kids I fractured my finger. Arriving at the provincial hospital I saw that many patients were waiting and tired looking as if they had been waiting for a very long time. When I saw the patients, I wanted to do something but at that time I was not qualified enough to do anything. All I could do was just watch hopelessly. This moment also motivated me to studying medicine as I wanted to help people and those around me to the best of my abilities.”