Coronavirus Updated Procedures – 30th January

Coronavirus Updated Procedures – 30th January

Updated procedures regarding the coronavirus situation.

Dear Parents,

We wanted to update you on our recent actions and decisions regarding the evolving coronavirus situation.

Following the note in my letter yesterday, we have completed the checking of student absences of more than three days since 15th January. Nobody was identified as having returned from Wuhan since 15th January.

We have decided to cancel all internal and external activities and trips involving other schools until 17th February, as we want to minimise key risk factors. Activities and trips that involve only our students, including Primary Residential visits, will take place as planned. Currently, the ski trip to Switzerland is still going ahead but we will continue to monitor and reassess as appropriate.

Prevention is the main action people should take to minimise their risk. To reduce the risk of contraction as much as possible, we should all take reasonable, preventative, hygienic measures. Regular, thorough washing of hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based gel is key to preventing all infections. Hand sanitiser gels are available around the school and we remind children to wash their hands before eating.

The following information is from the World Health Organization (WHO) which you may find useful:

We also ask that members of our community who have traveled to regions with concentrated infection rates since 15th January or have come into contact with people who have returned from those regions, to remain out of school until cleared by a doctor. This could be for up to 14 days from the last point of contact.

As you are aware, we have a mid-term break from 10th – 14th February. If during this period you plan to travel or come into contact with people from highly infected areas, we ask you to reconsider these plans. If you do come into contact, please remain out of school until cleared by a doctor, which could be up to 14 days from the last point of contact. Please inform the school if you cannot change your plans and/or come into contact.

As a school, we continue to monitor the developing situation and adjust our response accordingly. We appreciate your ongoing support as we work through this challenging period.

Best wishes,

Matt Mills

Head of School

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.