Orientation Day Readies Year 4 for Residential Visits

Orientation Day Readies Year 4 for Residential Visits

Year 4 students start their residential week at school.

Year 4 started their Residential week with ‘Orientation  Day’ at school. The students had the opportunity to start to mix in different groups and tackle some teamwork challenges in a very familiar, safe environment. 

They problem-solved together in quite large groups (very challenging!) in a treasure hunt. Also, the students built shelters, then tested their stability and, in some cases, water-proofing. They set themselves personal targets and had the opportunity to show us their water safety knowledge in free playtime in the pool. It was wonderful to see so many students supporting each other throughout Orientation Day. 

The afternoon session saw more preparation and an open question and answer session about residential week. Despite several assemblies, many sessions in class and a question box in the Year group in the previous weeks, the students still had lots they wanted to know. There was a buzz of excitement as students made their final preparations. They named their own hats and took home a luggage label for their big bag. It’s going to be a super Residential week!

Follow their progress here: https://community.patana.ac.th/year-4/year-4-residential-blog

Year 4 readies for orientation
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