Key Stage 3 Music: A New Language to Share

Key Stage 3 Music: A New Language to Share

Key Stage 3 music gives students a new language to share and express themselves…

Key Stage 3 students enjoy a wide number of choices in Music. The ensemble programme complements and reinforces all the educational goals pursued in the rest of the curriculum.  Strings, winds, brass, percussion, voice, guitar and Thai traditional instruments all have a heritage – a history. Through learning to sing or play an instrument, our students become a part of this heritage. They are actively involved in developing a great number of skills. As a result, they develop fine and gross motor skills and learn to listen more closely. Moreover, they appreciate the value of doing their part to achieve a common, collaborative goal. As a result, learning and participating in a music ensemble is both challenging and gratifying.

We recently crafted a vision statement for Music at Bangkok Patana: Music is powerful in giving our students a new language to share with others. We orchestrate opportunities so that students can express themselves with confidence and creativity.

The Patana United concert, scheduled for Tuesday, 2nd  June, gives our students this opportunity. It is a highlight for the Key Stage 3 Music programme. This is a public performance featuring each and every student ensemble, and it serves as a culmination and celebration of our work together.  Bangkok Patana community members are all invited to attend. 

Key stage 3 band
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