Dance Along to Colombian Rhythm with Year 5

Year 5 students mastered Colombian choreography!

Year 5 Spanish students had a wonderful opportunity to learn choreography inspired by the Colombian rhythm of Disney’s Encanto. Our Head Dance Coach, Vallary Lokre, and Assistant Coach Sugus Semarat supported the activity by choreographing a simple routine to “Colombia, Mi Encanto” (written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and performed by Carlos Vives) that the Year 5 students mastered in only 30 minutes! Term 3 in Year 5 Spanish lessons has been fantastic and magical, as students learned to introduce and describe the physical appearances and personalities of each member of the Madrigal family, learning about their special gifts, powers and their charmed home called an ‘encanto’. Students also learned about Spanish music, singers and typical Colombian foods, such as the delicious Arepas that mum Julieta cooks in Encanto to heal family and friends. Year 5 students were enthusiastic participants and truly enjoyed this activity! Watch their full performance below: