Year 12 Practical Science Investigations

Year 12 Practical Science Investigations

Year 12 students are investigating some interesting research questions in the Sciences

Year 12 students spent some time in the Science labs working on their Internal Assessment (IA) in the Sciences. The IAs are an individual practical investigation into a unique research question chosen by each student. Despite being the final week of the academic year, it’s one of the busiest weeks for the Science Faculty, with every Year 12 student designing an experiment and assembling (sometimes creating!) their own set of equipment. As you can see from the photos, it’s a real spectacle – it’s great to see our amazing Science Centre practical facilities being put to such good use!

Here is a selection of the research questions under investigation this year:

  • To what extent does AQI differ from the heart of Bangkok to rural Bangkok along a gradient from Sathorn to Lat Krabang?
  • What is the correlation between social economic indicators such as HDI and GDP and carbon emissions?
  • How does varying light intensity impact the growth of plants’ leaf conditions of Mung Beans (Vigna radiata)?
  • What is the activation energy of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction in the presence of an inhibitor?
  • How can a chelating agent alleviate heavy metal ion poisoning in the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide?
  • What is the effect of a changing temperature on the EMF of a voltaic cell under non-standard conditions?
  • How does the thickness of aluminium foil affect the count rate of beta radiation?
  • How does the initial launch angle for a projectile affect its range?
  • How does the cross sectional area of a damper affect the damping coefficient in a spring-mass oscillator?

The Research Questions above are taken from all four Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Systems and Societies. Can you guess which research question is from which field of Science?

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