Year 2 Collaboration Day

Developing collaboration and teamwork in Year 2!

Last week, Year 2 took part in their Collaboration Day, developing their teamwork abilities and skills through a day filled with a range of fun activities. One of the most exciting events was the code-breaking treasure hunt. The children gathered their torches and code-breaking clues and headed for the Black Box. They worked together with their partners to find the different clues and decode the hidden message. Each clue was an emoji that matched a colour-coded word, so they had to look carefully and note down each clue that they found. In the end, they cracked the code and revealed the message: “Good luck in Year Three!”

In the Primary Hall, Year 2 students had to consider how their teamwork skills may be different when they collaborate as a whole class. Using a parachute and a range of equipment, they worked together to keep the parachute afloat, make a mushroom, swap places, and more! Throughout the day, words of encouragement and enjoyment could be heard across Year 2, from “You can do it!” and “Let’s keep going!” to, most importantly, “This is such fun!”. It’s safe to say that Year 2 students had a wonderful day, and at the heart of it all was the students’ fantastic, supportive collaboration and teamwork.