Year 10 Bakes Geographical Landforms

Year 10 Bakes Geographical Landforms

Edible geographical landforms in Year 10

It’s not often that baking and geography are taught together. Having recently finished their physical Geography studies on coastal landforms, earthquakes and volcanoes, Year 10 students took on the challenge of baking cakes in the shape of geographical landforms. The students were excited to be back in the shared kitchen, taking an independent approach by searching for their preferred recipes, measuring the ingredients, and following the instructions to bake successful, and hopefully delicious, geography-related structures.

Not all the baking turned out as expected, but well armed with their knowledge of landforms, the students were quick turn to liquid batter into molten lava, or over baked items to sandhills or dunes! Lily and Kiri decided to create brownies in the shape of a conservative plate boundary, whilst Gracie, Mya, Niamh and Holly created an erupting shield volcano. Loris, Tara-Lynn, Lucia and Nora went for a complex design, creating a cake showing the headland landforms, including, caves, arches, stacks and stumps. Nic and Alex designed their cake in the shape of a coastal spit, while Aira, Sara, Bhaavni, Ellie and Aroosha designed and created coastal sand dunes.

Well done to the Geography department for this type of tasty learning, especially well received towards the end of term. The Secondary Faculty were very impressed by the manner with which all students approached this challenge!

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