Primary Tiger Talks

Primary Tiger Talks

Year 6 inspires with Tiger Talks

Year 6 students presented their Tiger Talks today, inspired by, and modelled after, the well-known TED Talk format of speech writing. The student speakers have spent Term 3 considering their passions, interests and motivations, further combining these with a discussion about how their ideas could have an impact on the world around them. They chose one key idea to focus on, presenting a powerful, thought-provoking speech about their topic of choice.

Many hours of writing, editing, refining and practising went into their final Tiger Talks, which were shared to a small audience. The audience were inspired to consider: ‘The Power of Grit’, ‘How Simple, Good Deeds can Change Your Life’, ‘The Importance of Questions’ and ‘What Are We Without Knowledge?’ amongst other intriguing topics.

This project aimed to develop and showcase the key skills of being strong communicators, conscientious role models and active participants in the community. Year 6 students demonstrated that they are confident to spread their ideas in the global sense whilst also practising leadership and public speaking skills.

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