Designing Chocolate in Year 4

Designing Chocolate in Year 4

Year 4 are learning all about chocolate, designing and cooking their own recipes.

Have you ever wanted to design and make your own chocolate? To become a modern day Willy Wonka? Year 4 students have been doing just that as part of their Design Technology lessons.

The students learnt that chocolate can be made from three basic ingredients: cocoa, sugar and butter. Then, by exploring recipes, they created their own basic recipe that outlined how they thought chocolate could be created. These recipes were hugely varied with some children freezing their products; others believed baking would produce the best outcome.

After designing their recipes, the children headed for the kitchen, and after some basic orientation, began to follow their planned out steps. What they observed was surprising – “My chocolate looks like water!”, “My chocolate is really dry and thick, I can’t stir it!”. Whilst other more approving sounds could be heard from other groups – “Mmmmm it smells amazing!”

Their final products varied in flavour, texture and appearance. This testing process allowed the students time to reflect on their recipes and evaluate their successes. Finally, they planned improvements for their next batches of what will hopefully be scrumptious and delicious chocolate!

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