Foundation Board Awards

Foundation Board Awards

The Foundation Board Award Winners

The Foundation Board Awards recognise excellent academic progress of students in Secondary School. This year the ceremony was ably emceed by Year 12 students Natabhorn (Plume Plume) Kashemsri Na Ayudhaya and Tom Evans, while proud parents and teachers were also in attendance to applaud students’ achievements. Plume Plume and Tom reflected on the tremendous changes students, teachers and parents faced over the past six months and the coping mechanisms they had come up with to face those challenges. From baking cookies, to revising without tutors, to finding exams cancelled, students have persevered and shown resilience – becoming exceptionally committed to their studies this year. “Bangkok Patana did well because we showed resilience,” said Plume Plume.

“We’ve proven we’re capable of overcoming so much…The effort we put in over the years and the skills we learned at Bangkok Patana will continue with us as walk out those doors into the rest of the world.”

Tom Evans, Year 12 student

Foundation Board Higher Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

The student who attained the highest point score from the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme, attaining the maximum score of 45 points is Kelly-Ann Tan.

Foundation Board Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

These students demonstrated an exceptional achievement with 9 or more (I)GCSE results being graded at the highest score of A* or 8/9. Congratulations to Jia Yi Leong, Lucia Polastro Martinez, Hsuan-Ling Chen, Niti Depretis, Yizhen Kong, Patrick Ledoit, Natabhorn Kashemsri Na Ayudhaya, Anya Pruangviriya, Tom Evans, Riona Jensen, Nichapatr Lomtakul, Akshita Malhotra, Natanisha Nalinthrangkurn, Bethynee Wade, Palida Leenabanchong and Amanda Yongvanich.

Foundation Board Awards for Key Stage 3 Attainment

This prize is awarded to Korn Niruttinanon and Amanda Ljungberg who attained the highest average reported grades, across all subjects, at the end of Year 9.

Progress Awards

In addition to academic achievement, Bangkok Patana School also recognises students who have worked hard and/or made exceptional progress across each Key Stage. This year we would like to recognise the following students for the exceptional progress they have made.

Foundation Board Key Stage 2 to 3

The most improved students from Key Stage 2 to 3 are Yerin Kang and Koichiro Suzuki who showed the most progress between their MidYIS scores, taken at the start of Year 7 and average reported levels at the end of Year 9.

Foundation Board Key Stage 3 to 4

The most improved students are Alexi Cordoba, Chada Thanbancha, Camille Marchive and Maitri Jain, who showed the most progress between their YELLIS predictions at the start of Year 10 and their final (I)GCSE results.

Foundation Board Key Stage 4 to Senior Studies

The students who showed the biggest increase in their IB Diploma results over what had been initially predicted by their ALIS test scores taken at the start of Year 12, are Aleksandra Wujkowska and Muangthong Tangitvet.

A big congratulations on behalf of the Bangkok Patana community to all the award recipients!

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