Diwali Lights in Foundation Stage

Diwali Lights in Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage children had an en’LIGHT’ening experience..

The festival of lights has arrived in Foundation Stage. As the five days of Diwali and our International Day spotlights draw to a close, we are thrilled to be celebrating, making connections, learning about belonging, thinking about where we come from and valuing our similarities and our differences –  all key aspects of Global Citizenship for young learners. 

The children’s senses have been tickled with light, colour, fragrant flowers, dance, singing and music from the Diwali celebration. The beautiful diyas arranged as part of rangoli patterns, show the special meaning of light over darkness and illuminating a way forward. The volunteers from our Indian community dressed in traditional saris and shared the meaning of Diwali and why it is such a happy time for families. When talking about different experiences, an FS1 child said ‘I like fireworks, they are such pretty lights in the sky. They are a bit loud though!”. An FS2 child reflected, “I really like the dancer who was on her own, that’s so brave!”

For the rangoli patterns, the children started with a chalk outline and every child in Foundation Stage had the chance to place fresh, flower petals within the elaborate design. What a wonderful, fragrant, collaborative piece of expressive art and design! The soloist held our attention with a beautiful, melodic song. She finished by saying “namaste” a Sanskrit greeting meaning ‘I bow to you’. 

Children in Foundation Stage are always captivated by the array of colourful outfits, the infectious beat and coordinated movements of dancers. They witnessed special performances from a soloist dancer, and the Indian dance troupe from Secondary. 

Thank you to all the volunteers, who have developed the learning for Foundation Stage children this week. We celebrate our diversity and take joy from learning new things about each other. 


Happy Diwali!   

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