Year 11 Fulfilment Week

Year 11 Fulfilment Week

Year 11 had their own kind of Resi – on campus!

While most Secondary Year groups were away on Residentials, Year 11 students spent their week on campus engaged in a fun-filled fulfilment week. They experienced a combination of learning key study skills, self-directed study time and fun recreational activities.  

Students had this to say regarding the fun week they had:

‘It was a very helpful week because we had a balance between fun and study time, which was very good for me because during this period of time I learnt a lot on how to study and how to balance time wisely. I will take a lot from this week and use it in the future and hopefully it will help me.’

‘It’s like the perfect mix of hitting the books and letting loose a bit. We get this awesome chance to buckle down and study, but it’s not all about textbooks and stress. There’s this cool vibe where we also get to have fun and recharge.’

‘I think fulfilment week was really good as it provided a break from the stress of everyday school and gave us the opportunity to not only have fun with our friends but to have dedicated time each day to revise or complete any homework. I especially enjoyed the group activities such as drama games, just dance and the games in the hub as it was a great way to socialise and get to know our classmates better.’

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