A Dance Celebration!

A Dance Celebration!

Performance week gave Dance Academy students a reason to celebrate…

The Dance Academy hosted its first Dance Celebration Week of the year in the concluding week of the first ECA block. Recreational and year-long Dance Academy groups were involved, making this a merry occasion.

Celebration Week provides students with a performance opportunity and also to teaches them the importance of self-celebration. We use this event to remind students that through recreational dance activities, they have accomplished many things that may otherwise go unnoticed. We remind them of how wonderfully they have responded to instructions, taught themselves to follow the steps and performed in front of an audience.

We remind students that it takes tremendous courage to perform a dance in front of an audience, and their willingness to participate is already a great achievement. Also, it’s not easy to synchronise body movements to specific beats and rhythms of music, and their ability to do so shows how intelligent, creative and attentive they are!

Furthermore, we remind our student dancers that a celebration does not always have to be a big performance or a happy and joyful event. We get to honor all our emotions, including sadness, anger, and frustration, through our dance, which is a sign of emotional intelligence.

It was heartening to see older students and those from our Tiger-Cats team in the audience, often sharing positive and encouraging feedback for our younger student dancers.

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