Unleashing the Magic of Words: Readers Cup Competition

Unleashing the Magic of Words: Readers Cup Competition

Tension and tie-breaking in the annual Year 5 Reader’s Cup…

The Readers Cup reading competition enables Year 5 students, teachers and parents to experience and engage upon a wide range of texts from different authors across the globe. It not only celebrates the joy of reading but also cultivates essential skills that will propel the students into a world of knowledge and creativity. Discovering new genres, new authors and creating connections through books is a true delight! 

Its more than a contest. The Readers Cup is the start of an amazing adventure, the delights of “Essio Trot”, epic adventures in “The Invention of Hugot Cabret” and fact finding on climate change in “A climate in Chaos”, the competition’s books aims to ensure every young reader finds a story that captivates their imagination.

One unique aspect of the Readers Cup is its team-based structure. Students form teams, work collaboratively to answer questions and conquer their peers in and out of the class. Through healthy competition we want to instill a passion for reading which continues long after the students leave Bangkok Patana. 

Eight teams made it to the grand final after competing in class and library quizzes. The Theatre witnessed students battle out their knowledge in the multiple-choice round, Ask the Audience round and the mystery book choice round. After ninety minutes we had our winner! Well done to 5M’s team- ‘Big Fat Hamsters Who Love to Read’, a huge achievement and a well-deserved win. 

The Readers’ Cup competition reveals the power of literature and the magic that lies within the pages of a good book – may the Readers Cup inspire a lifelong love for reading now and forever. 

Congratulations to all the teams – you are the true champions of the literary realm!

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