Don’t Tell Me How to Dress

Don’t Tell Me How to Dress

Our Year 12 students were visited by local celebrity, Cindy Bishop, who came to talk about her campaign #DontTellMeHowToDress.

In response to an article warning women about what they wear during Songkran, Cindy has been advocating for changes to be made to the mindset that women should merely self-protect. She emphasised a core value in our school about respect and how, in order to respect others, we need to first respect ourselves. She also highlighted statistics about harassment and violence, dispelling myths that are still prevalent in society.

As gender equality conversations develop globally, our students are encouraged to act positively themselves. They were encouraged to be more aware of their own behaviours, and of others around them, to promote equality, including reimaging their social media use to make their voices more powerful.

Her visit was made possible by one of our Year 12 students who recently designed and made a range of make-up bags. All profits have been supporting the campaign as it was always Anjna’s intention for the funds to go to good use. More details about those can be found here:

Thank you to both Anjna and Cindy for making the morning possible, and for providing an opportunity to push this forward.

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