A Love of Music Nets Berklee Scholarship

A Love of Music Nets Berklee Scholarship

Chopin began his musical adventure at Patana in his Primary school years. He regularly performed in bands at assemblies and events around school.

By David Larking, Curriculum Leader, Instrumental Music

Chopin (Nanan Indra-Payoong) began his musical adventure at Patana in his Primary school years. He regularly performed in bands at assemblies and events around school. One moment that really put Chopin on the musical map at Patana was during his performance of Rolling in the Deep along with Lily Wilson (Year 13) and Finley Thitaparun (currently at Chulalongkorn University). “It was after that performance that I knew I would enjoy working with this young, budding musician,” Chopin said. 

Chopin continued to study guitar, piano and saxophone at school in the Instrumental Music department, complemented by external lessons. Whilst in Year 8, Chopin participated in the Rumsumai Big Band, Thailand’s leading jazz band with students auditioning from all over Thailand for a coveted chair in the band. He secured the guitarist position and toured Japan with the ensemble. Chopin continued to thrive in his IGCSE music course producing some of the most impressive coursework I have seen during the 15 years I have been at Patana. He achieved a very strong A* in IGCSE and went to great successes in his IB music studies with Laura MacRitchie. He has passion for music technology, investigated the nuances and finer details of the art form and submitted an exceptional folio for both composition and performance.

In addition to his work in IGCSE and IB music, his contribution to music and school life at Patana has been nothing short of extensive. Over the years, Chopin gravitated to the world of jazz music playing a strong leadership role in the Patana Jazz Ensemble and Patana Big Band. Chopin was featured at many assemblies, Patana Plugged, and most notably, at the annual Patana Jazz and Blues concerts. K. Nirat, the jazz and saxophone teacher at Patana, also played a very significant role in his development in these ensembles, composition, jazz improvisation and music technology.  

With all this experience, independent study, tenacity and creativity, Chopin auditioned for the Berklee College of Music’s 5-week Summer Programme in Boston in Year 12. He was accepted into the summer programme and thrived there. At the end of the 5-week programme, Chopin was offered a scholarship to attend this prestigious music school.

Chopin is a learner in the Patana community that achieved his full musical potential – an example of excellence. 

I’d like to leave you with a paraphrased quote by Chopin; if you want to hear me speak, listen to me play my guitar!

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