University Offers: Elena Bien, Haverford College

University Offers: Elena Bien, Haverford College

Elena will be attending Haverford College,

Elena Bien Haverford College

Congratulations to Elena on her offers from Haverford College and the University of Vermont where she was offered a Presidential Scholarship.

“I will be attending Haverford College in the fall, joining the class of ’24. What motivated me most to commit to Haverford was the welcoming community, the school’s unique honour code and the abundance of opportunities offered at this small liberal arts college. Haverford trusts the students to be principled and honest with their learning and work. I feel these are integral qualities that I would like to develop and they would help me grow as an independent learner as well as preparing me to contribute to society to the best of my capabilities. This honour code also creates a trusting and collaborative atmosphere amongst students. I am excited to be part of this type of community.”

“Haverford is a liberal arts college and I have applied with an undecided major. This provides me the time and opportunity to explore my interests and passions before deciding my major. When picking colleges, this was an important factor since my current interests range from Biology and Chemistry to Education and Psychology. In addition, Haverford’s close proximity and collaborations with other top universities (UPenn, Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr College) provides a wide range of resources and a diverse selection of courses/classes to explore.”

“Bangkok Patana has helped fuel my many passions from playing in orchestra, coaching TigerPrawns to spending time with Mercy Centre children on weekends. I think the endless range of opportunities for extracurricular activities at Bangkok Patana helps spark each student’s individual passion and happiness. As other students go through the process of applying to university, I would like to wish them the best of luck. My top tip would be to be patient and trust yourself!”

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