Head of School’s Update 26th May 2020

Head of School’s Update 26th May 2020

Matt Mills shares more information regarding possible school reopening…

Dear Parents,

I am fully aware that there have been a number of media reports pertaining to the possibility of international schools reopening on 1st June.

Bangkok Patana School is fully prepared and has actioned all of the OPEC’s (Office of the Private Education Commission) health and safety school reopening measures. A reminder that parents will not be allowed to come onto campus. Following government recommendations, two forms need to be filled in before your child(ren) return to school: Code of Conduct for COVID-19 and Health and Travel Declaration. An email will be sent to you later today with the links. In addition, later this week, we will be sending you a detailed instructional video showing all of our health and safety changes.

Last week we sent you a detailed letter with models showing what the school will look like when we reopen. If you haven’t already, please read this letter.

We will open school only once we have the approval from the government. We may not hear until the end of the week. As soon as we hear one way or the other, we will send you an SMS. Following this, you will receive an email from the Primary and/or Secondary School confirming the schedule for your child next week. Please go to the Parents’ Gateway (Family Contact Information) before the end of the week and make sure your correct mobile numbers are listed. We will also use our social media channels and post the information on the front of our website. If your child uses school transport, you will also receive detailed information from them, when the school reopening is confirmed.

Please do watch the instructional video as it will be beneficial for your child(ren) to know what to expect before school starts.

Looking forward to seeing students back in school in a very safe learning environment in the very near future.

Best wishes,

Matt Mills,
Head of School

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.