Empowered Parenting

Empowered Parenting

Imparting resilience and joy

The PTG hosted their first interactive parent workshop this week entitled Empowered Parenting in a Changing World, hosted by Patana Parent Megha Srisethi.

Ms Srisethi is a certified Parent Coach and tech co-founder who harnessed her expertise and first-hand experience as a working mother of three to energise her workshops. This particular workshop provided fresh perspectives and practical tools to dive deep into the limitless world of parenting.

Parents shared stories, inspiration and skills needed to raise resilient, joyful children. They also delved into the fascinating realm of brain-based parenting, uncovering insights that empowered both them and their children to flourish in today’s dynamic world. Parents walked away equipped with essential strategies to enhance their parenting journey! Stay tuned for more age-focused interactive sessions with Ms Srisethi.

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