Ewww.. That’s Horrible!

Year 6s met virtually with visiting author Nick Arnold of the Horrible Science series of books.

Horrible Science author Nick Arnold held virtual visits to Year 6 this week and elicited lots of oohs, aahs and ewws! The students enjoyed joining in with his talk as they clapped hands to light electrons and asked loads of questions. Year 6s showed their inquisitive side with questions like; which person inspires you, what inspired you to write and what is the most interesting fact you know? Nick Arnold didn’t hold back, telling, not the most interesting fact he learned, but the most disgusting. Without going into details, let’s just say, keep your toothbrush covered in your bathroom! The room was filled with lots of “ewws!”

Nick Arnold is the popular British author of the Horrible Science series which includes such well-known books as ‘Ugly Bugs’ and ‘Nasty Nature’. Be sure and check his books out of the Library for lots of horrible science facts!