Year 8 Art Students Create Celebrity Slippers

Year 8 Art students are making anatomical drawings to prepare for making slippers.

Year 8 Art students are starting a design-inspired project making celebrity-inspired slippers. They are learning how to undertake market research, design and make a product for a client. In this case, some fashion or novelty slippers for a celebrity-inspired collection. The students will be learning a new set of practical skills, including basic sewing and fabric embellishment techniques. Additionally, they are starting to understand ethical manufacturing and the production decisions a creative manager might have to make. There is just one thing they need to understand better first though – their feet!

They have started by sketching their own feet from observation. Students are using traditional anatomical drawing techniques to create accurate drawings of their feet. By recording their feet in different positions, they can hone their understanding of the ergonomic requirements a slipper user has and how their designs need to accommodate user comfort and mobility in order to be fit for purpose. We are really looking forward to seeing the development of their ideas over the next few weeks!