Year 3 Heads to Antarctica!

Year 3 use role-play to learn about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Expedition to Antarctica.

Year 3 have been learning about Sir Ernest Shackleton and his great expedition to Antarctica in 1914. The children all applied for jobs on the ship. Then, they went to the ‘harbour’ and showed what skills they had: from scrubbing the deck, to caring for the dogs (there were 69 on board!) to packing all the supplies and equipment. Using this role-play, the children then went back to their lodgings (the classroom) and by candlelight wrote their first entries in their travel journals. The students wrote about their excitement at being chosen, their day of preparations and what the future held..!

This isn’t the first time this cohort has focused on Antarctica. Many of them were in Foundation Stage in 2017, when Bangkok Patana School worked on Antarctica 2041, sending two representatives with Robert Swan (OBE).