University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Sun plans to study Engineering at WPI

Chawin (Sun) Nuntiruj, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Congratulations to Sun on his offers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Syracuse University and the Pennsylvania State University. He plans to attend WPI to study Engineering.

“I was admitted with a Presidential Scholarship to my first-choice college – Worcester Polytechnic Institute – under Early Decision in February. I am so excited to be pursuing higher education in Massachusetts this fall. One reason I’ve applied here is because of the “Project-Based Education” that WPI offers. By being exposed to both theory and practice at the same time, I’m developing the mindset of solving real world problems in real-time. This can help me prepare myself better when implementing new systems in places that need progress. In a world that’s always changing, I feel that it is crucial to understand the world as it is to become successful later on in life.”

“During my reading of ‘Essential Calculus with Applications’ in preparation for starting calculus, differential calculus used in converting between displacement, velocity, and acceleration captured my attention. Being curious about IB Physics, I read an article “The Dynamics of Machinery and Mechanisms” from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, which exposed me to the level of detail where an equation is existing for every degree of freedom in mechanical systems. My observant nature, coupled with my further reading, sparked my interest in engineering. With this, I hope to strengthen my knowledge in this field to one day be a part of big changes.”

“I had a work placement at a tapioca starch and plastic container factory where I was taught to use designing software systems, such as Siemens NX and the digital designing process of custom-designed parts for an extracting machine.”

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