Excellent IB Results, Despite an Unusual Year

In times of crisis, Bangkok Patana students rise to the challenge in the IBDP

The IB results are in! Despite a year of unusual difficulties and the disappointments of not being able to have the usual celebrations during their last year of school, the Class of 2020 has delivered excellent IB results!

This year’s graduating cohort out-performed the global average for its high scorers: One student scored a perfect 45 out of only about 300 students worldwide and five percent of the class scored 43 or higher, this compared to three percent around the world. These are incredible achievements.

Additionally, the school saw 21 percent of the cohort score 40 or higher compared to a 10 percent worldwide average, a strong showing for a non-academically selective school.  Bangkok Patana School continues its path of excellence for its graduating cohort whose strong IB results came with numerous offers to leading global universities including numerous offers from Oxbridge, Ivy League and Russell Group schools. Learn more about their University offers here: https://www.patana.ac.th/learning-at-patana/secondary-school/university-offers-2020/ 

To the Graduating Class of 2020 – Congratulations! We have reveled in your sporting triumphs, been enthralled in your drama and musical performances, humbled by your many community initiatives and proud of your academic achievements.

Top IB results at Bangkok Patana
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