Favourite Places in School

Favourite Places in School

Our Head of School Matt Mills talks about some of his favourite places at school.

As our campus is currently very quiet, Mr Mills took a tour of some of his favourite places around school.

“The Black Box is one of my favourites because of all the shows and Gold Award evenings. It is a very special place; I love the simple grey concrete floors that you can spill anything on. Also, I love the Year 5/6 building and memories of the old Primary tennis courts before it was built. I love how the building looks over to the khlong with loads of huge water monitors!!!!”

The Reflecting Pool at the Arts Centre is next on the tour! “I love the reflections and seeing students relax and smile there. I love the fact that the kids created all of the marine ‘life’ in the pool.”

“And last but not least, I have a very Special Spot on the first floor of the Arts Centre. Here we start Graduation, there is the excitement before and after a show and I get to see both my sons in one spot who were both very proud Drama boys 😊 I love looking back to the tall proud tree climbing all the way up from D+T to EAL.”

Do you have favourite places in school? Email publish@patana.ac.th and tell us why.

Mr Mills favourite spots

One of our Year 5 students, Maya, has been really fast to write in and give us her favourite places. They are: The Adventure Playground, the Primary Library, the Gymnastics Hall and the Blue area, which she says is a great place to read. She also likes spotting anything to do with her home country of Poland across the campus. Thank you for sharing!


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