Florian Lauffer, Mathematics Faculty

Welcome Florian Lauffer, Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Inspired by his desire to understand more about his own family’s history, Florian Lauffer began his international teaching career in Germany. Raised and educated in Canada, Florian then met his wife, Stephanie de Guzman (also a Bangkok Patana teacher) in Germany, after which they moved to Switzerland, taught for eight years and started their family. They had been recommended to look into Bangkok Patana as a great option for their young daughters and made the move soon after, teaching with us originally from 2015-2021. Florian notes that he has come to see international education as vital for his daughters, particularly the focus on critical thinking, and that the access to resources is unparalleled at Bangkok Patana.

As a mathematics teacher, Florian views the subject as a way of thinking and an opportunity for students to develop transitive logic. In his lessons, his students are often excited by the challenge mathematics presents and have an enthusiasm for learning. Florian enjoys providing students with a collaborative environment through which they can learn from one another. His favourite aspect of teaching is working with students to achieve their potential. He further appreciates the rigorous curriculum offered at Bangkok Patana, as this ensures students not only acquire knowledge, but also learn how to apply such knowledge. In an effort to encourage this in his classroom, Florian carefully selects tasks that challenge students to utilise their knowledge in novel ways. When not teaching, Florian enjoys golfing, photography, playing piano and cycling.