Foundation Stage are Animal Allies

Foundation Stage are Animal Allies

Children in Foundation Stage know what it takes to be kind and caring to animals.

To get ready for Tiger Spirit Day, Foundation Stage children are learning what it means to be a kind and helpful animal ally. They wanted to show their appreciation and love for the cuddly creatures who warm up our hearts and homes, our pets! The children realised that pets need lots of the same love and care that we do. Just like us, they need to be clean and well-fed. So, they bathed their animals and fed them healthy foods. They learned that pets need safe and comfy homes, so they designed beds, toys and tanks to fit their needs. The children know that our favourite way to be happy and healthy is through play and movement. So, they made sure to find time to exercise and explore with their pets, too!

Alongside caring for their own pets, the children learned that there are some animals who do not have the safety and security of a loving home. Each day they discovered organisations in Thailand who are working to look after big and small creatures in trouble. The children learned about charities who rescue local stray dogs and cats and work to find them new homes! They also researched charities who help to rescue wild animals from dangerous environments.

The children have gotten so much out of the links made between the pets they love at home and those animals who need help just outside their doors.

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