Gearing up for Success in IGCSE

Gearing up for Success in IGCSE

Students are preparing to select their IGCSE options subjects through peer-to-peer discussions and new subject-introduction videos.

Year 9 students consulted their peers from Years 11 and 12 about their IGCSE options. With registration approaching, students were eager to gain their peers’ perspectives about the different subjects available. They were encouraged to ask questions about the options that they are interested in to help guide the decision-making process. A virtual options morning will be held later this week for both parents and students to learn more about the IGCSE options process. This will be followed by an opportunity for parents and students to talk directly with the subject teachers before submitting their final choices.

Hear directly from our IGCSE subject teachers in our new YouTube series!

About the IGCSE Programme

The IGCSE (or International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is based on the British curriculum, but is adapted for an international student body. After completing the IGSCE curriculum throughout Years 10 and 11, students will then transition to the IB Diploma programme. All students will study a common core of five subjects, in addition to three additional subjects of their choice. At Bangkok Patana, there are eleven optional subjects from which to choose. Through these optional subjects, students have the opportunity to explore a subject in depth, helping them to determine their personal passions. IGSCE subject options also help students to decide what they will focus on during their IB Diploma programme studies. All of these programmes are gearing students up for success in their journeys after Bangkok Patana.

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Additional information is provided in our Curriculum Guide:

Throughout the IGCSE programme, students in Key Stage 4 will work within an atmosphere where individuals are valued and where their self-esteem is enhanced. They will gain sufficient knowledge with which to make informed decisions concerning moral issues. Furthermore, life skills tutorials will prepare students for adult life. The three main strands of this programme are 1) staying safe, healthy, and happy; 2) life-long learning; and 3) life as a global citizen.

These values contribute directly to student achievement, which is detailed here:

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