Graduation of the Class of 2024!

Graduation of the Class of 2024!

The 122 students of the Class of 2024 have completed their graduation!

The Class of 2024 received their diplomas and graduated from Bangkok Patana School on Saturday 25th May. Secondary Principal Mr Seddon gifted all graduates with the book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy, to mark their unique pathways. Head of Year 13, Mr Meadows reflected on the many shared memories and highlighted the kindness shown by Grad’24 and told them to,” remember the legacies you leave behind.” Mr Meadows has been this cohort’s Head of Year all the way from Year 7 – that’s definitely a legacy!

The Senior Delegates also addressed the graduating class. Echoing Mr Meadows, Krish Phlapongphanich reminded his peers, “Kindness is priceless; it demands nothing but means everything.” Head of School Chris Sammons gave the keynote speech, taking us on a timeline 18 years ago and reflecting on the various stages of school life through history. He commended Grad’24 on their achievements and joyously ended, “Grad’24, school is out!”

Congratulations to the Class of 2024 and welcome to the Patana Alumni Network!

“What next? You are the change! There will be more universities, more learning, more careers, more of life’s imperfections that shows up but all of that would be perfectly imperfect because its you. Keep your sense of what’s important to you right now, it’s not about jobs or careers, or the bragging rights we all have on social media. It’s about you, beautiful you.”

-Chris Sammons, Head of School

“Asking for help is not giving up, it is refusing to give up. Grad’24, in times of uncertainty remember to grant yourself in things that truly matter, your relationships, passion and inner strength.”
– Matt Seddon, Secondary Principal

“As you step onto the next chapter of your life, remember the legacy you leave behind, carry with you the lessons learnt, the friendships formed and the values instilled in you at Bangkok Patana. There can only be one grade for your final score report – Exceeded Expectations!”
-Kristen Meadows, Head of Year 13

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