Patana Pathways –  Mahi

Patana Pathways – Mahi

From IB Art to Mechanical Engineering at UPenn…

Mahi’s Patana Pathway began 14 years ago at Foundation Stage. Through the next 14 years, she took many opportunities to participate in various activities. Her leadership and dedication came through as she finished her Patana years as a House Captain and Student Delegate. When it came to decision making for her IB Pathway, Mahi chose Art as she’s been a keen artist for many years. “Art is one of my passions. It allows me to express myself and create a deeper connection between me and my audience. Through my art, I try to make them see the subtleties,” she explains. One of Mahi’s other passions has been dancing, a pursuit she has followed for the past 10 years, receiving honours from the Bangkok Dance Academy. Mahi’s altruistic spirit shone through her volunteer work with Ekal Vidyalaya, an NGO in India that supports children in rural areas with education, health services and women’s empowerment. “During my time with Ekal, I taught through online lessons, helped create booklets for the students, and even traveled to Kashmir to educate young girls. It was a humbling and inspiring experience,” Mahi reflects.

Mahi’s decision to pursue Mechanical Engineering sure may seem a surprise considering her vibrant IB Art portfolio but her fascination with four-wheel racing began at the age of eleven, evolving into a profound interest in engines and automotive technology. “Weekends were spent glued to the TV, absorbing the high cornering speeds and roaring melodies of racing cars. This passion naturally transitioned into an interest in engines,” Mahi says. Mechanical engineering emerged as a perfect outlet for Mahi to blend her love for math, physics and art to develop practical solutions to real-world problems. “I endeavour to develop a toolset to harness clean energy, including integrating technologies for plasma confinement in fusion reactions and optimising vertical-axis wind turbines. Mechanical engineering provides the foundation to improve lap times while conserving and improving the environment,” she said.

Mahi received offers from Imperial College, University of Michigan, Purdue University, The University of Manchester and UC San Diego. Mahi will matriculate at the University of Pennsylvania, in the Mechanical Engineering programme. The course aligns with Mahi’s goals, offering principles and applications of sustainable technology. Mahi is particularly looking forward to working with Penn Electric Racing, known for setting North American EV records. “This opportunity would allow me to apply my classroom learning to my passion for racing,” she enthused. Additionally, joining Penn Climate Ventures promises a pathway to exploring sustainable energy, which enthralls Mahi with its wealth of opportunities for real climate-tech experience.

Bangkok Patana wishes you the very best Mahi!

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