New Primary PE Curriculum

New Primary PE Curriculum

Intro to new Primary PE Curriculum, transition to Key Stage 3, new PE Kit..

The Primary PE curriculum is being changed and it was great to see Primary parents at a workshop this morning to explain the updates. Jayne Jauncey, Leader of Learning and Excellence, Primary Sports emphasised the importance of developing children’s Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) rather than focusing on them becoming physically and technical proficient within a singular sport. This will help the children become explicitly aware of their movement patterns, laying the foundations for a lifetime of leading a healthy and active lifestyle. The new curriculum not only promotes physical well-being but also cultivates essential life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork and critical thinking.

The PE team also addressed the current curriculum in Key Stage 2 and transition into Key Stage 3 for Year 6 parents. Year 7 students are introduced to a variety of sports and activities that are inclusive, fun and engaging. From these lessons, students are directed to the various competitive sport pathways.

Alice Curwood, Assistant Principal (Extra-Curricular Activities and Sports) also spent some time giving parents information on the new PE kit, which will be available from August 2024. There were a few gasps and chuckles in the audience when Alice mentioned that the current PE kit had not been changed for over 20 years. The new kit sees an alignment of colours and patterns throughout the school, with a great improvement on the fabric, while aligning with the school’s values to be active stewards of our environment.

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.