Great Water Walk in Year 5

Great Water Walk in Year 5

Year 5’s Great Water Walk helps students to better understand the difficulties faced by inequal access to safe water.

Students in Year 5 explored the impact of clean water on communities without equal access. After learning about the water cycle and water scarcity, the Student Council helped to organise The Great Water Walk as a sponsored event. Focused on the essential question “How can we ensure that all communities have access to safe water?” students used the event to raise funds for a good cause. The funds will be used to help purchase water wells for rural communities in Cambodia.

The Great Water Walked challenged small groups of students to an obstacle course. They had to see how many times they could walk around the edge of the field without spilling any of the water in their buckets. This activity helped students to develop knowledge about regional social issues, further integrating their understanding of global citizenship.

“Due to the water walk, I have now learned that people who are less fortunate are exceedingly hand working, and that patience is definitely key to success!” Khongkwan, 5K

“I enjoyed how we were making strategies for example ‘the human chain strategy’ where two people carry the bucket and one person does the obstacles!” Kenneth, 5K

Year 5 aims to purchase six water wells – we hope they reach their target and are proud of the global impact that our students can have!

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