Hands-on Atomic Theory for Year 2

Year 2 have been putting their Atomic Theory learning into practice.

Our scientists in Year 2 are using their Atomic Theory learning to study chemical reactions. After some fun hands-on experimentation, they created a baking soda and vinegar eruption from their volcano. Then, the students turned to breaking those two substances up into their atomic components. They used their ‘sticky atoms’ to create the chemical formula. Next, they used their understanding of chemical reactions to create a reaction with Coke and Mentos. The students started with small bottles of Coke and Mentos to create an eruption. They also tried using chalk as a substitute for the Mentos. However, they found while it reacted in the same way, the Mentos created the bigger eruptions. They ended with the largest bottle of Coke they could find to create the largest eruption.

Well done Year 2, we hope you enjoyed this ‘explosion’ in your learning!