IB Science Specialist Projects

IB Science Specialist Projects

Multidisciplinary approach to problem solving in IB Science…

Year 13 students spent a day off timetable to work on their Group 4 Science Projects in the Conference Centre – a collaborative and compulsory aspect of the IB Diploma. Students work in multidisciplinary groups representing their Group 4 Science IB option, sharing their subject knowledge by solving a problem and producing a combined presentation.

During the project launch, students were introduced to this year’s theme: “Ways to alleviate the problem of plastic waste from single use food packaging”. To set the scene, they watched a short video from “Thaiger News” talking about the ubiquitous problem of plastic waste from drink containers and plastic bags in Bangkok.

Year 13 students then met with their multidisciplinary team members, ready to share their specialist knowledge. They used leading questions from each of the science subjects to help kick-start their thinking, then brainstormed and began planning by listing different types of single use plastic food packaging and waste, eventually determining one to focus on. Each student looked at ways in which their specific science discipline could help solve the problem. Through research and analysis, ideas were formulated and brought together as a combined solution. These solutions were then presented by each group to their peers. To conclude the project, each student wrote a reflection to document their own individual performance and their contribution to their group.

We commend our Year 13 students who worked exceptionally well and produced high quality presentations that will be shared with other Year groups and staff. The true value of the Group 4 Science Project is the gained experience in sharing specialist knowledge and working in multidisciplinary groups, further benefiting our Year 13 students as they enter university and their future careers.

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