IB Students Begin Research for the EE

IB Students Begin Research for the EE

IB students were introduced to the Extended Essay.

In the Extended Essay, or EE, IB students investigate a topic of special interest. The EE is a rigorous 4,000 word, 40 hour research project. It offers opportunities for IB students to flex their researching skills.

IB Coordinator Mrs Brosnahan and Head of Libraries Mr Murgatroyd introduced ethical and effective researching skills to Year 12s, to get them on the right track with their EE. The students re-visited the ‘Super Six’: Plan, Locate, Organise, Judge, Share and Evaluate. Additionally, they reviewed those all-important referencing skills.

Year 12s will now begin research by reading an academic article in a subject of their interest. In their next EE session in January they will begin to prepare a research proposal.   

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