IB Visual Arts Show

IB Visual Arts Show

The annual IB Art show brought out parents, students and staff to a visual feast…

The Year 13 IB Visual Arts Final Show is culmination of students work over the past two years. It is an annual highlight for the Secondary Visual Arts Department who felt very proud to celebrate the hard work of our students. There was an excellent turnout from students, staff and parents who, as usual, were blown away by the beautiful and thought-provoking pieces, as well as the students’ ability to conceptualise maturely and verbally present their work to their audience.

This year, themes covered the topics of identity, environmentalism, spiritualism and heritage, to name just a few. Year 13 pupils explored these subjects using sculpture, video, photography, installation, textile, printing, sketching and of course, oil and acrylic painting. Attendees remarked that it was a particularly strong year for diversity in technique. 

Each student also wrote a statement explaining their creative and exhibition choices and these provide great insight. The Exhibition will remain open until 24th April. When you visit, do also take the opportunity to view the display of Year 11 and 13 Design and Technology work in the carpeted Theatre lobby.

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.