Inspired Digital Art from Year 7

Year 7s are expanding their digital art skills.

Year 7 students are learning how to refine their art work using digital drawing applications. Earlier in the year, they learnt to use simple shapes to recreate complex objects using these apps. Additionally, they learnt how to use measuring size and angles to make their work more accurate and how plumb lines can be used to make work symmetrical.

During CSL, students studied the work of two very different artists who both find inspiration in the ordinary objects in our home, Eric Guesz and Dawn Tan. Now, they are developing their sketches using apps to get the effect of realistic food textures or a star-studded galaxy. With digital applications, students are using brush tools and colour combinations to apply labels to 3D objects. Using layers they are learning how perspective can change the way they look. It looks like we have some future graphic designers in our midst!

Eric Guesz inspired toaster by Mustafa Usman, 7V