Inventor’s Day in Year 3

Inventor’s Day in Year 3

Celebrate Inventor’s Day by dressing up as your favourite invention – which would you choose?

Year 3 students learned about various inventions, both modern and ancient, that have changed our world and impacted our societies. The first half of Term 2 was focused on the essential question: “How have inventions changed the world?”

Did you know that 11th February is National Inventor’s Day? This date was chosen in honour of the well-known inventor of the lightbulb, Thomas Edison. Though a few days later, Year 3 held their own “Inventor’s Day” celebration to close out their unit of learning entitled “Discovering Our World – Inventions”.

Teachers and students dressed up as either an invention or an inventor. There were so many creative and colourful costumes, from toothbrushes to Lego bricks, and a few iPads too! Year 3 spent the day participating in various activities, from creating their own inventions to acting out the lives of different inventors. This was a wonderfully enjoyable and creative way for the students to celebrate their learning.

The remainder of Term 2 will continue with the unit themed “Discovering Our World – Explorers”. Stay tuned to see where they will head off to…

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