Jack and the Beanstalk? No, it’s Year 3 in the Outdoor Classroom!

Jack and the Beanstalk? No, it’s Year 3 in the Outdoor Classroom!

Year 3 students plant their bean and herb sprouts in the Outdoor Classroom.

Year 3 students were motivated and enthusiastic about revisiting the Outdoor Classroom! Their aim was to plant germinated bean and herb seeds, which have been carefully nurtured by the students in their classrooms, into the staked out areas created during their previous visit.

Inspired from their experience at Bangkok Patana’s very own functioning ecosystem, and after closely observing and comparing plant samples, the students were driven to grow food products for the gardeners and guards.

This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to show thanks and give back to our school community. It has been an authentic learning experience in which the students have developed their scientific skills whilst gaining a greater understanding of their responsibility to improve global sustainability.

Year 3 students have been engaged throughout this process, from the initial questions to watching their seeds grow daily. Planting their beans will not be the end of this experience as they look forward to receiving updates from the gardeners and guards on the tropical crops. We hope they are delicious!

In the video below, Environmental Studies teacher, Coke Smith, fully explains the functionality of our on-campus, Outdoor Classroom.

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