Meet the New Teacher – Daria Kirbai – Primary EAL Teacher

Meet the New Teacher – Daria Kirbai – Primary EAL Teacher

Introducing our new Primary EAL teacher, Dasha Kirbai.

Daria (Dasha) Kirbai, obtained her degree in Teaching EAL in Moscow and her iPGCE from the University of Sheffield, she has taught EAL and foreign languages in New Delhi and Moscow.

“I come from a small city about 100km from Moscow, my mom brought me up alone and I was into languages since a very young age. She worked hard to get me into a new school, when I finished, I entered the university in Moscow. I taught in New Delhi for a year but it made me realise I wanted to settle down a bit so I returned to Moscow and worked there in the foreign language department of an international school. I really enjoyed spending time exploring the city, I really enjoy building networks with other international school teachers.

I am here with my partner Johannes, and we are loving Bangkok, we go out together exploring markets, and hands on exploring the city, it is amazing!

In Russia there is a National Teachers Day – everyone in Key Stage 4 is required to teach lessons to younger kids at school. I never thought I would end up teaching but then when I was in Year 10 and Year 11, I did this teaching apprenticeship for one day and I really loved it. I didn’t expect the kids would be so welcoming, and the input I received after the class, they loved it. I felt so empowered and I thought to myself, yes, I want to work with kids.

I think every teacher needs to have a passion for her subject, for children, a sense of humour and patience!

I’ve been focusing on building people’s compassion towards children who don’t have English as their first language. I want to build cultural competence and that teach our students that we all come from different places.

The English language leads you to so many opportunities in the world. English is the global language and without it you can’t become a citizen of the world.

I have a few goals, because I am going to working with many teachers, with EAL support, to build strong relationships with students and teachers, bringing well-being to the forefront and helping students find balance in life.

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