Janelle Lourdes De La Cruz – Senior Delegate

Janelle Lourdes De La Cruz – Senior Delegate

Join us in thanking Janelle for her work as Senior Delegate, 2021-2022…

Janelle Lourdes De La Cruz has attended Bangkok Patana School since Year 2, spending her final year on campus as one of the Senior Delegates. “Growing up at Bangkok Patana has truly been an experience, I’ve significantly developed and grown as a student and a person because of the environment here.”

The strengths that Janelle has brought to her role this year include being approachable, reliable and willing to listen. She explained that a Senior Delegate must be “unafraid to take the lead, be willing to step back when necessary and be able to encourage others to express their opinions.”

Furthermore, Janelle emphasizes that the key to her role as Senior Delegate has been effective communiucation. “I believe that a Senior Delegate is responsible for representing both teacher and student voices. It is important for us to remain open-minded when voicing each opinion to one another in order to make a meaningful impact within the Bangkok Patana community. Moreover, I also think that being understanding and patient is essential to becoming a good Senior Delegate. To be able to listen to those around you is one thing, however, the ability to understand why this opinion arose and trying to picture yourself in their shoes is what leads to positive changes.”

Janelle demonstrated her understanding of the challenges that have come over the past couple of years due to the COVID pandemic, “The last two years have been anything but normal for Bangkok Patana School. However, as the eldest Year group at the school, I think it is important for us to support the younger students in any way that we can.”

Want to learn more about Janelle? In the style of the famed BBC Podcast, Desert Island Discs, we asked the Senior Delegates which eight pieces of music, one book, and luxury item (that cannot facilitate escape or communication) would they take to a desert island? Here are her answers:

Eight Pieces of Music:

  1. Nothing (feat Marco McKinnis) – Rex Orange County
  2. Wait a Minute! – WILLOW
  3. Love – Keyshia Cole
  4. If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
  5. Yesterday – The Beatls
  6. Dark Red – Steve Lacy
  7. For The First Time – Mac DeMarco
  8. Nights – Frank Ocean

One Book: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Luxury Item: A Ball

Give a listen to Janelle’s “Desert Island Discs”-style playlist here!

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