Pim Wongsawan – Senior Delegate

Pim Wongsawan – Senior Delegate

Join us in thanking Pim for her work as Senior Delegate, 2021-2022…

Pim Wongsawan has attended Bangkok Patana School for over 11 years, spending her final year on campus as one of the Senior Delegates. The values that Pim brought to her role this year included empathy, versatility and enthusiasm. She explained that one of her strengths is her communication skills, emphasizing the role of listening in communication: “Listening to everyone’s views and reaching compromises is equally (if not more) important and essential for collaboration.”

When beginning her role as Senior Delegate, Pim elaborated on her goal to ignite impactful change, both within and outside of the Bangkok Patana community. “Given the issues that have come as a result of the ongoing COVID pandemic, we hope that we can aid those affected most by providing moral support. We also hope that our legacy will be measured through the relationships formed and meaningful contributions made, not merely the money raised.”

The most important issue that the Senior Delegates worked to tackle this year was online fatigue and mental health: “During online learning and the transitional period back into school, many were overwhelmed by the mental health repercussions of the pandemic. As representatives of student voice, we aimed to address these concerns through providing necessary assistance and support where needed.”

Want to learn more about Pim? In the style of the famed BBC Podcast, Desert Island Discs, we asked the Senior Delegates which eight pieces of music, one book, and luxury item (that cannot facilitate escape or communication) would they take to a desert island? Here are her answers:

Eight Pieces of Music:

  1. talk KOTONOHOUSE Remix, Keshi
  2. lowkey, NIKI
  3. Lost, Frank Ocean
  4. Better, Khalid
  5. Slow Dancing in the Dark, Joji
  6. Body & Soul, Emotional Oranges featuring Biig Piig
  7. you were good to me, Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler
  8. Shape Of My Heart, Backstreet Boys

One Book: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Luxury Item: Shabu Pot

Give a listen to Pim’s “Desert Island Discs”-style playlist here!

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